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Friday, 27 February 2009

Had to post these snuggly photo's

After watching Stan and Stella having and good snuggle we decided to join in but there was more close comfort off otto than I liked . Hey but I snuggled up to a comfy cushion, what could be better.

How cosey what are they doing to much cuddling for my likeing

look at her that should be me.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

William was 18 .

Caz and the family went to the airport to meet Will he flew in from England specially for his birthday.They made this Banner and William got a shock when he came through arrivels.

Otto and I stayed at home to guard the balloons.

This the T shirt made specially for my brother and if was a special gift from Katy his girlfreind

This is the cake that Emma and Katy Williams girlfriend maade for him ummmmmmmmmmmmmm it looked tasty.Did we get a slice? NO

Ludo the cool dude.

Otto won't get his feet wet.

At the weekend we went to the woods after we had been to see Lilly.Look at Otto hogging the photo.

Come on Otto in you come its fun.

Look at my beardy.

Otto watch's me as I have some fun.

I only go this deep but at least i get my feet wet.

He really wants to come in but he is to scared maybe next time.

Im sure it won't belong til he takes the plunge.

Ludo the cool dude.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Another fight night.

Well Otto is growing so fast but not a angel all the time Im glad he is still in his crate at night dont worry its a very big one. He is ageing me by the day.

Otto the Angel

These young uns just can't take the pace.

All tuckered out.

Thank you Neko

Thanks Neko for this new award it was very kind of you and I had fun reading your 10 things about you, now i feel I know you more.
I have got Caz to list 10 things about me so you can all get to know me better.
Here goes.

1. I've also have loads of names which yes I sometimes forget that my name is Ludo they are Poohdy, spanky bot, dude.
2. I like to sneak on the bed at night and curl up at the end of the bed ( if you curl up dead small they don't know your there try it)
3. Will only drink out of a fresh water bowl I don't do gritty slobbery water.
4. When I'm i the garden I like to sit for ages looking and watching making sure everything is just right.
5. When we are out on outtings I will only drink from a bottle.
6. Like to sit on the top step by the attic as this is a good place to get some peace away from Otto.
7. Only come in from the garden when i want to.
8.Im convinced I can see dead people I am often seen to be staring up at the ceiling barking.
9. Hate the spec savers advert with the sheep dog in it I can hear it when ever it comes on in the house and alsways bark at it.
10.I defend the house from all dogs that come out of the TV.

I hope this helps you to know me a bit better.

I would like to pass award on to 7 other bloggers who are .Molly and Taffy,Alex,Habca,Ludo, sparky,the three healers and Hercules.

Hope you all have fun writing 10 things about yourselves.

Ludo the cool dude.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Caz thought this was funny.

I normally like to post vid's of adverts I like or dislike on the telly but today I let Caz put this one on that she thinks is funny

what do you think.?????

ludo the cool dude

OMG who is who????????

Well what a surprise both of us are stripped and do you know Caz is having trouble telling us apart when we are running around the garden. Have a look and see if you can tell who is who.

who is this?

I think Caz my have to get a different colour collar when Otto gets bigger.

As you can see it snowed this morning and we had good fun running around.

Otto is really getting big and with both of us with white flashes on our chests soon no one will know which one is which.

Ludo the cool dude.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Should have gone to spec savers

Now and again I post on the adverts that I don't like and this one,always make me quite angry look at this poor dog. This guy definately needs to go to spec savers.

Ludo the cool dude

Monday, 2 February 2009

Muenster dog show.

We went to a dog show in Muenster and Caz put these doggles on us Lots of people came over and took photo's of us and thought we looked great.

This is me what do you think?

Of course Otto had to have a go to but I think I looked better.

I wondered who you think is the best in Doggles.

Well we did not buy them mum said we didn't need them. Some times shes such a kill joy.

Ludo the cool dude.