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Monday, 30 June 2008

We went to the Zoo

We went to muenster Zoo on Saturday Caz is not keen on the zoo but she decided to go as it was the last week end Rob and emma could spend together before he was away on exercise with the Army.So we all went on a family outing. I really had a good time even though at the moment I've got a sore bit between my toes, its not made me limp but they put this silly boot on it to stop me from licking it.I think tomorrow They will take me to the vets. Its better but caz always fuss's I hope my foot is better tomorrow and then i won't have to go. Hope you enjoy my day at the zoo.

Caz and me ready for the afternoon at the Zoo

I met some children who fell deeply in love with me, not surprised everyone loves a cool dude.

But I didn't hang round to long as one of the children wanted to take me home with him

There was a few huge tigers they followed me as I walked.

These were so cool.

These were all babies soooooooooooooooooooo cute.

I was lucky enough for a meacat to come close to the glass

I was interested in the wild boar

Caz and I waited to watch a baby zebra I had a good view from the log I was sat on

I stood up as caz pointed to something the other side of the green water I soon realised what was staring at me.

He was looking straight at me.

Emma and Rob played with the boats, I wanted to drink the water but they would not let me.

I loved the Baboons they had red butts and as you can see I was interested in they I watched them for ages.

This one loved his blankey

This was a big Orangatang holding her baby and a cheeky chimp sneaked in.

Look at these HAIRY Donks, we weren't sure what they are called as old the signs were in German.

Emma had a go on a wooden donkey.

It was a brill day out but I was glad to get home and put my feet up 4 hours walking around the zoo can be quite tiring even though there was a few snack breaks.

Ludo the cool dude

Lilly at her new stables

Monday, 23 June 2008

A Birthday Barbecue

This weekend was my Birthday and we had a Barbecue. I had some yummy pressies and ate them immediately. I was 3 years old, I thought they had forgotten but they came home with some chewy treats and some hot dogs for dogs, Caz said they were just like human ones.I had a great day,I thought I would show you some pics of my new garden. I think they have unpacked everything and the house is about straight, so I'm hoping to get back blogging again.

No Ludo wait til it's cooked.

Did he drop something.

Here comes Emma whats she got in that bowl.

looks like Emma has made a salad she looks happy with it.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yummy what a treat feeding me a tasty sausage. Hang on what happened to the other half.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm not sure that sausage was cooked

Have you eatten everything.

Ludo the cool Dude.