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Monday, 1 December 2008

Our first Crimbo Card

Our first christmas card thank you Faya and Dyos

Its a lovely card.

Ludo the cool dude.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Faya it gets worse

Look what Emma did to me and Poor Bramble


ludo the cool dude.

Especially for Faya.

Really really not necessary

Ludo the cool dude

Friday, 28 November 2008

We went to the woods.

Today we went off in the car to the woods.I love going in the woods and today was Otto's turn. We only went for a short time but it was really fun. I made sure I had a good run around, checking everything out. Otto loved it. I know there will more walks with Otto to come, so even though we did not go far it was fun.

We are waiting to set off on our little walk in the woods.Of course we had to pose for photo's

We walked together and I showed Otto it was ok to go a little way away from Chris and Caz.I'm quite a big dog look at Otto, he is growing fast he is now 4 and a half months old.

I met a huge black giant shnauzer he wasn't that friendly Otto stayed out the way but I was brave and said hello.

Otto rain through the leaves he loved it.

It was a lovely walk over the little bridges and through the woods.

We went down to the river I sniffed the water and then leapt over the river to the other side and then I had to jump back.

We went back in the car and stopped at the garage Chris filled the car up with diesel while we waited.

Of course Otto had to jump up on the back of the chair only to look out but I thought "Muddy foot prints on the new leather seat arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

I sat like a good boy no dirty paws on the back of the seat I know better.

Then back home for a sleep we needed it.No bitey face tonight,well may be otto might want to later.

Ludo the cool dude

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Thanks Noah Matey.

Thanks Noah fopr this award I alway feel chuffed to bits when I get a award.This award I have already recieved But I love it Thanks.

I would like to pass this on to another Ludo, Yes another fab dog with the same name can you believe it.
so here is to Ludwig, Ludo van puppy.

Thanks again

Ludo the cool dude

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Me Grumpy

Yes another camara shot

and another

What gives you the impression I AINT HAPPY

Otto wanted me to post this

I know how he feels

A nice afternoon of relaxation and look what caz is doing

Ludo the cool dude.

Monday, 24 November 2008

We woke up to snow

Today we woke up to more snow we only had a little yesterday but today there was more. I showed Otto it was ok to go on the white stuff and Caz could not get us in.Lots of tuck butts went on until Otto was tired now we are in the warmth of the house and the sun is out, I'm sure it won't belong until its all gone.

Ludo the cool dude

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I laughed

When we turned on the Tv today I saw this advert. For all you cat lovers out there I hope you like this. I laughed

Ludo the cool dude

Monday, 17 November 2008

Otto and I have become such good friends over the last weeks. Ive not played so much in such a long time.I don't mind he is my bruver so I never really get sick of him.
He is growing so big I'm hoping he will slow down growing soon I want to be the big one in this house. Here are some more pic's of Otto and I we are the bestest buddies in the world.

He always looks sooooooooo scarey but he loves me really

we love a game of rough and tumble

Gosh he looks so mean but i love to play with him

Here he comes again

Hey don't bite me there.

He's got me round the throat again

right lets see if i can tie him up and give me five mins peace hehehehehheeheh.

not sure who is tided up in the rope now

well thats better you lay there nice and calm

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Otto is getting big

Well life at the mo is very different
so busy we have not had any time to get on the laptop and blog, I blame Otto he is so gobby I think I've gone deaf.
so I apologise to everyone for not posting on your blogs I hope to get back in the swing of things soon.

Here are a few photo's of us and gosh Otto is half the size of me he is going to be a big one.

Lazy boy.

come on Otto give us a break

Me ofcourse

boys together

scarey eye.

Monday, 3 November 2008

William on leave with Otty

Hey is he allowed to sit on the settee, I will let him off this time as I know William is only home for a week.

thank goodness we dont have neighbours hahahahah

Ludo the cool dude

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Dortmund Show

We went to the dog show to get some new grooming combs and we found a really good comb its like the Coat King but this one makes life much easier as it takes out the under coat so quickly and its easy to use. It is called the furminator this is the web site if you want a look

Caz took a few photo's of course we took Otto with us I think he spent more time being carried caz is so concerned he doesn't tire his little legs out.

This good looking dog had dread locks he was huge like a big mop.

William and Otto went to say hi to a st Bernard he was so slobbery he wore a bib.

We stopped as Fen wanted to tell Otto something.

Otto was really good and copied me by walking nicely beside William

Fenwick came with us.

I wish someone would carry me up all the stairs.

We had a great afternoon I think William was pleased when we were back at the car no more having to carry that heavey lump.

Ludo the cool dude.