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Friday, 16 May 2008

Last night a the May Fest

The last night we went to the May fest was Beatles night. Lots of singing and dancing and of course a few beers. It has been a fantastic week and something to remember as we get ready to leave Osnabrueck.I'm sure when we move to Muenster there will be some sort of music festival there.
Only 2 weeks to go now til we move.We will miss Osnabrueck very much and will leave our friends behind, they will all leave in the next year as all the army will be leaving Osnabruek and handing it back to the German Stadt.

A change of costume to sing Sgt Peppers lonely heart club.

Andy Julie and I enjoying a beer or 3.

Chris Andy and Julie we always go to the May fest with them. We will miss them very much when we move.

We met up with a friend we made last May fest we nick named him Justin Timberlake as he wore a hat like him and after a few beers you can always think that people look like famous people,hahahahahahah. We were surprised to bump into him as we had not seen him since last year and there was so many crowds this year.

As you can see a good night was had by all.


Thursday, 8 May 2008

Yes they were out at another concert again last night.

This morning was another gorgeous day 17 degrees at 8.00 and went on to a good 28 degrees, I was glad I went for my walk first thing. The rest of the day I just flaked out in the shade. Then in the evening I played in the garden. I've started playing with my chewy bone the thuglets gave me in feb, I am trying to make it last.

My favourite bone.

Got to pin it down like this

I love chewing it lieing down

Gosh this is tasty

This is my new ducky William won it for caz at a stall in town, but I managed to sneak it way when she was not looking.

Ludo the cool dude.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Its so hot and sunny now

Its been so hot and sunny the last few maornings we have been putting the horses in the field early in the morning. Caz took some photo's of Lilly and Beau in the field, I must admit Lilly is looking good.

After we had been to put lilly out in the field I found some yummy hoof clippings that the black smith had trimmed off the horses feet. I play with it before another dog decided to run off with it.

Caz thought it would be good to take a pic of me yesterday with a piece of straw hangin off my nose. Caz had mucked out and i spent most of the time with my head in the wheel barrow.

They ended up back on the town again this time to a Abba tribute band. They had a fantastic time I could tell as they made such a racket when they came home.

Caz and Chris had a day off from the concerts today. Tomorrow they are back out on the tiles watching a Rock Funk and Sould night.
I will be glad when the 2 weeks is up as I have to stay at home as there is to many people about.

Ludo the cool dude.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Last night with William but what a night.

William has been on leave for 2 weeks but unfortunately it went so quick and he had to fly back to England on Saturday.
Friday though we thought we would all go to town as it is Mai woche which is May week.
They celebrate in Osnabrueck with normally one weeks of live groups and food stalls and funfair side shows. The streets are packed with live entertainment its just great but very tiring if you want to get all the bands in. This year it stretches for 2 weeks gosh I will need to go on a diet from all the good food and probably have to dry out after all those grosse beers, well you have to join.

So off we went on the bus and headed for our favourite place where we know the good bands go. We had a fantastic evening. The group was from New york, they sang all the songs we knew. so there was lots of singing and dancing by everyone.

This is the band.

They asked if anyone would like to go up on stage and sing. Emma could not miss the opportunity to get up and sing with the band. Then the singer said who else and William was up there like a shot singing and dancing. I don't think they realised how many people were there but the German audience loved them, it was great to see how William and Emma get on so well and are game for a laugh.

This was very clever a man in a frame he was so funny and the worked the audience very well.

The next night out is Monday I think its Abba night.
Let you know how it goes.