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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Yummy Yogurt.

We always are lucky to finish the yogurt pots after Caz and Chris has had their fill.I always have caz's pot as she leaves me a good spoonful at the bottom. I'm a gentle tidy eatter.Otto on the other hand has his own technic in getting the last bit out the bottom of the pot .

Otto always says to get the yogurt out the bottom of the pot its always a good idea to get your brother to help wedge it on the end of your nose. Ofcourse I always help.

Otto always gets it stuck on his nose,I dont know how he can breath, but the pot is always empty afterwards.

Otto nearly finished.

After we had finished making sure all the yogurt pot was licked clean Otto being a tidy boy gave Chris back the empty pot.

Ludo the Cool Dude. xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

Hi Guys we are back.

Sorry that we have not been blogging for a every long time but caz has promised to make a effort to start blogging again.

I told Caz that Im sure all our friends have forgotten what we look like.So This is a picture of us just after christmas so you all can remember what we really look like.

So a big HELLO to all my friends

Ludo the cool dude.