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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Caz up dates you on lilly

This was Emma schooling lilly today she is doing really well and growing still she will be 4 soon .It was a funny day weather wise sunny one min and snowing the next.

Emma and Lilly

Wow lilly has Emma's body.

Lilly has grown

Caz and Lilly

It was sunny one minute and then snowing the next it never settled though.


Monday, 24 March 2008

Yes its stripping time again.

Well I've not posted for a while but lots of exciting things have been happening.
I've heard Caz and Chris talking about a new posting.A new posting you ask well I found out this is a Army term for moving.Apparently Chris has a new works contract another 5 years,as Osnabruck is closing and all the Army is leaving Osnabruck for good and handing all the camps back to the German Stadt. We will be moving to Munster and we move in 2 months.So loads of things for them to sort out and organise and they still do not know where in Muenster they will be living yet.
I have been with them a few times to Muenster looking for stables for Lilly and looking at the area. I'm sure its going to be very busy the few months with packing etc.

Well yes she has started stripping me again, I'm down to the black jacket off and one shoulder oh and around the neck. Its been exhausting me having to sleep while Caz strips me and to cap it all its been snowing and cold. At least I will be back to my cool dude self and not scruff bag of the year. Once Caz has finished me I will get her to take some photo's.

Well it wont be long till William is home again it sounds like he is having the time of his life he did 21ks yomp the other day then camped out and yomped back again, that sounds fun wish I was there.

Sorry no photo's today Caz is a little slack with the camera again.

Ludo the cool dude.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

A early morning walk.

Well earlier on in the week we went for are usual walk in the woods. It was a dull day but we always have a good walk in the mornings.Caz would have posted these pic's earlier but managed to lose the cable for the laptop to the camara.At last she found it upstairs in Williams room, tidy tidy tidy no wonder no one can find anything in this house.
Anyway these photo's show how scruffy I can be not for much longer though caz is going to strip me at the end of this month.Hopefully the weather will become nice and warm and then I will be nice and cool in my new airedo.

Ludo the cool dude

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Snow Snow Snow

At last this morning when I ventured out there was Snow. I could not wait to go out for my morning walk.The woods were covered in a light sprinkling of snow , it was as if some one had got a sieve out and shook icing sugar all over the trees and paths.I dashed along the path in front of Caz to check for deer, there are loads out a the moment. Unfortunately there was no prancing Bambi so I carried on my walk making sure I jumped and snorted in the puddles after breaking the thin top of ice.Even Caz looked happy with a spring in her step.The birds were out singing and at one point I thought we were being stocked by The predator but thankfully it was only a wood pecker( if you have seen the film the predator you will no what I mean).When we got back to the car we saw 5 deer dash across the field in front of us.They went so fast and was so gracefuland then they dissapeared into the woods.
This afternoon all the snow had gone and I think that was probably the one and only time we will see it until next year. Well at least we got to see a bit.
Caz did not take any photo's forgot the camara, hope she takes some soon mind you I'm not looking my best at the mo, in fact Chris calls me scruff. I've heard caz say I'm going to get stripped at the end of this month. A week in the cellar on that make shift table WHAT FUN!!!!!

Ludo the cool Dude

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

This is so naughty to us dogs

Why do humans do this, they can see we are waiting patiently waitng for just a taster
Why are they sooooooooooooooooooooooo cruel

Ludo the cool dude