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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Being Hand stripped

I've not been around for a couple of days as I'm again stripped again. What ia wrong with this woman just got a huge hairy coat and she is whipping it off me again.I must admit I'm relieved I was getting hot and sweaty in my big wooly coat, infact I think the neighbouring sheep were eyeing me up.Well the day Caz started striping me you never guess what happened, yes it snowed can you beleive it. Well this week I've been out looking quite embarassing with half my jacket done and then one leg at a time.Its days like this I'm glad we walk in the woods where no other dogs can see me.
Ofcourse when I'm stripped I will put some photo's up on how gorgeous I am.


Thursday, 22 November 2007

Wiliam complained there's not many Photo's of him.

After looking at my blog the other day William said there was hardly any photo's on it of him and plenty of Emma.So I managed to get these before he went for his run the other night.He posed for me in his florescent coat and Hat, no one can miss him when he is out in the dark.
Of course he had to pose.

Whose the man.

Stretch those muscles Will

I used to be this tall.

Stretch those fingers

Lets hope he hasn't changed his mind about having his pic's on my blog.


Are you as lucky as me.?

Are you as lucky as me. When Caz and Chris has a yogurt they always give me the pot to lick clean.This is yummy but I have one complaint Chris scrapes all the yougurt out, he is a stinge. Caz on the other hand always leaves me a blob at the bottom.
After licking the pot clean I sometimes can manage to get it stuck on my nose, this is a good trick and always gets a laugh.

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Monday, 19 November 2007

For you molly and Taffy

I am so grateful.

I have got another award, thanks to Molly and Taffy.
I would like to say a big thanks to their Mum, as it was her that introduced me to blogging. With her help (which caz needed)we started this blog and we have met so many new friends all around the world

I would like to pass this award on to my special friends the thuglets who I think also derserves this award as their blog has the most fantastic photo's and I know from visiting them they are such lovely good friends.

A Big beardy Lick to my good friends Molly and Taffy and thankyou again for such a fab award.


Thursday, 15 November 2007

Maggie and Mitch My Tail

I'm so proud of my tail i curl it right round.

Love Ludo

We had snow Yesterday

Well i said it would snow and it did yesterday. Unfortunately it was only a flutter and did not last long or settle.
Gosh it has been cold the last few day this morning when we went to do Lilly it was
-2 degrees. The car was completely frosted up good job chris put the window shield on the car so we did not have to de ice the front window.
I don't like it when it gets cold as there is no mud and watery holes to play in.
Caz likes it as i stay clean.

Maybe we will get some more snow soon .Alex and Habca have you had snow yet.


Sunday, 11 November 2007

Rememberance Sunday

Today was a very busy morning Chris got up early to iron his uniform and there was no routine like normal.We go up the stables first thing with Caz and Chris but today was a lot different.They were off to church to a rememberance service. I ended going up the stables with Emma which is a shock in itself as she doesn't normally get up before midday.

Chris dressed up in his uniform.

After they came back from church they got changed and we went to the woods for a very wet walk.

What does she look like in that hat. Hahahahahahhahaahah

Ummmmmmmmmm a interesting stick.

Right I will run off with this before they decide to throw it and make me bring it back, such a tiresome game.

Now what shall I do with this stick.

My very own watering hole

Look I'm a Hippo I love wallowing in muddy water

Look at my beardy

Look at my skinny legs

After our walk we came home and now I'm sat curled up smelly the start of a yummy roast dinner.


Thursday, 8 November 2007

Emma went to the fair which comes to Osnabruck for a week in November, one of the side stalls she won a recorder.Ludo had never seen or heard one before so this was his reaction when she played.

What is that noise and whats that thing attached to Emma mouth, don't like it, I'm going to bark.

Is that music, that's not so bad.

Now she playing tunes

Ohhhhhhhhh Doe a dear a female dear very clever

Yes OK so you can play bonfires burning

Come on Emma don't hog the thing let me have a go.

Then Emma let me have a go,I could not believe it when I played it better than her

After a while I mastered the recorder Emma decided I was better and took the recorder upstairs to her room in a huff, to play to her rats,POOR THINGS


Monday, 5 November 2007

Look what they bought me.

How lucky am I look what Chris and Caz got us at the week end. So today I managed to catch my favourite movie. Wow the the picture was great the 2 puppies look life like,I had to sniff the screen to see if they were in the room with me.Not looking forward to the dogbot advert though he will look, I hate him on a normal telly.
well better get back to watching the television, not that you can miss it.


Cool horse

Great adverts come along all the time and I always have a giggle at this one. Many of you know that I have Lilly my filly and she is grey so this advert is right up my street.Watch out for this Nutrigrain advert on ITV.

Caz and Ludo

Especially for Turbo

Rommel is our friend in England


Saturday, 3 November 2007

You and me with chris when you were 9 months old

Hope you have a great birthday Holly
Love from Ludo

Halloween Party we won't forget

Well the party was really good. The house just looked great when everyone had arrived in costume even the garden was decorated as a grave yard. Just a few photo's ahead just to show what a great time we had, including party games.

Scarey me

Chris and I

out in the garden

Our hosts of the party

How chuffed I was to win best female fancy dress,I even got a award.


Dave one best male and I best female fancy dress.

We al had a go at apple bobbing, can you believe it not in water but cider and lemonade

Halloween twister,Playing twister is bad enough without fancy dress as you can imagine it was a bit of a hoot.

The doughnut game

It was a fantastic party everyone made the effort to dress up, the food was yummy and the decoration was brilliant.