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playing in the garden

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Monday, 22 September 2008

The last visit Until Otto comes home YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Sunday was the last time we visit Otto the next time we go to Doris's Otto will becoming home with us. Everything is ready at home,I've picked his new toys which I've kept a eye on as they are in the cupboard in my room so i sneak in a push the door open just to check the new toys are still there,might have to have a play with them my self when they emerge from the cupboard.
Otto has grown so much and this vist he sat on Chris's Lap when doris helped Caz with stripping advice, I looked really funny after Doris showed Caz how to strip Half my head and then Caz had to do the other half when she got home. I must admit I looked like my usual COOL DUDE when Caz had finished.

These are some latest pic's of Otto.

These are Otto's 3 sisters.awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Hey bet you wish you were out here.

Can't wait for next Tuesday I hope I can be the best big brother ever.

Thank you to all my friends out there that think I will be a really good big brother.

Ludo the cool dude

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Caz and Lilly schooling

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Lilly has really started to work hard lately the more I ask her to do things the more she reponds. We have had her over 2 and half years now and she is 4 and a half now, she has really come a long way.


It's great to have friends like HENRY

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I've been sooooooooooooo lucky these last couple of weeks meeting new friends.
but the best friend for life is about to arrive OTTO.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Fenwick comes to stay.

This is my new puppy friend called Fenwick she is a beautiful beagle. Fen came to stay for the weekend when her parents was away.I said I would look after her and keep her entertained.
I let her play with all my toys and my fav toy that was a special toy when I was a pup. We had fun in the garden,in the lounge, in the dining room., in the kitchen in all the 4 bedrooms infact we played all day and night.

I miss her now that she has gone home, even though I'm completely knackered and flat out. Luckily she lives in our street so I can see her often.
I've said she can come and stay again soon, I'm sure she will like my new brother Otto when he arrives.

Caz took loads of photo's so I made her get blogging straight away as recently she has been really busy with William home and then my grandparents came to visit so she has been neglecting my blog.

Isn't Fenwick cute and like a little angel don't let these looks fool you.

Ok catch me ludo I'm flying.

I promise I did not swallow his head.

ludo come and play

Fen can jump over me.

I will lay here while you run round me in circles, (I'm not stupid).

Chase me chase me.

Having a rest before round 2 starts.

After we had fun in the garden we came in for a rest, but it was'nt that long before Fen decided it was time for some rough and Tumble.

She grabbed my eyebrows and I knew I was going down.

Yes she got me to the floor

Another quick breather.

She got me in a throat lock hahahahahhahaha

Well won't belong til Otto is here and I can play with him for hours and hours.

Ludo the cool dude.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Otto is growing .

On Sunday we went to see Otto again and this time I was allowed to meet him and I was very good. I did not mind them running around me even when they tried to hang off my beardy.

Hope you like the photo's.

Hi there Otto it's great to meet you. Gosh you have grown.

They always visit but will they take me home soon.

I won't a go this lead looks good.

Sugar would not melt in this pups mouth hahahahahaha.

Look they all want to speak to me.

I think that little one has a grip of Caz's shorts hahahahaha

Look at him trying to hog the photo

Had to stick in a hairy one of me.

Tired out I think.

Otto with a mouthful of grass saves on pup food I supose.

Otto and his sister.


Emma and Otto

Little rascal

Ludo the cool dude.