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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ticky wicky whoooooooooooooooooo's

Well this weekend Ludo had a tick. This is not unusual but its we normally get them from may to October.Normally it is very cold at this time of the year with snow and this seems to keep the tick's at bay.
I've always had dogs all my life but until we had moved out here to Germany I had never seen one before. They are the most ugly creatures and on occasion I have removed huge ones as big as a pea.At first when we removed them we used tweezers and twisted anti clock wise, its important to remove there heads as otherwise it can cause infection and irritation to leave the head in. Then squashed them and flushed them down the toilet. Now Chris can just twist them out by hand.
We regularly front line ludo and check all the area's of his body I've even found one on his face.I try to get to them before Ludo does.He tends to remove them himself and leave their heads in, this is a night mare to remove their heads with out their bodies to hold on to.
I was told by my vet that they can be carried about by hedgehogs and because the weather is mild they have come out into to garden instead of sleeping.
So keep vigilant as these little creatures seem to be surviving all weather condition's.

Here is more information about tick's.

Sorry this is a picture of a tick and quite gruesome, I hope it does not scare you to much if you have not seen one before.This is a pic off the internet not the one Ludo had even though they have been this size.


Friday, 25 January 2008

I'm meant to be a cool dude

I'm meant to be cool she is definately ruining my street cred.

DogBot is back

I've mentioned before I just don't like that stupid dogbot. Well its back on the television again and guess what its even scarier since they bought that huge televion.Just incase you missed it when I posted it before here it is.


Ludo the cool dude

What a Fab walk.

I've just come back from a Lovely walk . We went to the woods, when we set off it was nice and sunny but by the time we got to the woods the clouds had come over and at one time it looked quite dark,as you can see from some of the photo's. I started off by having a good sniff round.
Then I found a huge puddle to paddle in to just the right depth so I did not drown, you all know I hate swimming.

I had a bit of a run and my ears had a way of their own flapping in the wind.

I found the perfect stick to play with. Chris and Caz nearly got knocked over as I ploughed past them.

Nothing like the perfect stick.
Then we popped into the Bistro for hot chocolate with floaty cream on top,well they had that I laid under the table like a good dude.
when we arrived home I had a yummy denta stick and now I'm goin to chill out I deserve a rest after such a nice walk.
Ludo the cool dude.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Hi Everyone.

Sorry not been on for a while but caz has been busy and to be honest not a lot has been happening here.
Life is quiet here but I'm now getting use to all the beds to myself and some nice walks down by the lake.
This morning we went to the lake and it rained so much caz and chris did not mind me going in the lake, I was wet anyway. Chris threw some sticks in but they were just out of reach to bring back. Caz says I must be the only Dale that can't swim. I'm not daft I like to feel the ground under my feet. Anyway I don't see her running in and swimming to bring the stick back.There was no one at the lake and the bistro that is always packed looked desserted. We did not stay long as we were all soaking we came back and had hot milky coffee at home, well they did I rubbed my way round the leather suit to dry off which did not seem to go down well.

Im counting the days down to when William comes home its 27 days he seems to have been gone ages. I heard Caz talking to him today and he had been on the square for two and a half hours doing drill in the rain, the joys of the army. He has been really busy by the sounds of it with timed runs and swimming tests and class work.
He is loving it and even enjoys having to set out hie locker for inspection, he is only in the 2nd week lets see how fun it is after a few months.I will keep you posted.
I must admit it strange here with out him no more smelly socks to sniff out in his bedroom, empty crisp and sweet packets to hunt out and snitch on him by taking them to caz.Emma has moved into his room in the first week of him going (what a cheek). When he comes home now he has to sleep in the small room, I wonder what he will think of that.I must admit his room was always a tip I wonder how long it will take before he can wreck this room,caz says five mins.I know for a fact though she will is missing him like crazy and looks forward to having him home.

Sorry Caz is a bit slack with the photo's but I will make sure she gets the camara out post haste

Ludo the cool dude

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Another award wow wee

We have recieved another award this time from Molly and Taffy again its great to get another award 2 in one week we feel very special So thank you.

Ofcourse we would like to pass this award to other brilliant blogs so we have chosen Molly and Gertie, The thuglets, Habca, Alex, Noah and Ezzy and Jagger, and Momo.
Hope you are recovering well Jagger.

Ludo the cool dude

What lovely flowers Caz recieved

Caz would like to say thank you for her beautiful flowers, which cheered her up.
Ofcourse they were sent by two really good friends of hers who are always there to help and give support when ever things aren't going well.

So thank you the Thuglets family and Molly and taffy's family its great to have good friends who are always there to listen it is appreciated.

Ludo the cool dude.

Thank you Molly and Gertrude

I would like to say a big thank you to Molly and Gertrude who sent me some Bling to cheer me up and do you know it has. Even though I'm not back to my usual self I am a little happier.
I thought you would like to see my new bling.
I look so cool as after all I am a cool dude.

Ludo the cool dude

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Another award

Thank you Thuglets for this it has really cheered us up.
We feel very honoured to have this award.

We would like to pass this award on to Mindy and Alf as we would like to thank them for making Brambles Christmas by giving him his moosey.He loved it.

Caz and the cool dude ludo

Monday, 7 January 2008

What a emotional weekend.

Well after are hard decision we made on Friday we also had a very exciting emotional weekend for our family.
William are youngest son who is 16 just before Christmas passed selection to join the army. He really worked hard to pass selection as he needed good grades and to be very fit to get a place at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate.
We travelled to England on Saturday night and went into Harrogate to do a few bits of shopping that we could not get in Germany and then made our way to the college.
What a fantastic place.

William will stay and train here as a junior soldier for the next year, until he will go to his 2nd faze of his training which will be with the Royal Electrical mechanical Engineer.

Coming from a Army family he has a insight to Army life which should help him fit in very well.
We spent the afternoon at the college while the staff gave us a small glimpse of what they will be doing over their time in Harrogate.After the seminar they were told they had 2 mins to say there goodbyes and then they were marched off to begin their new exciting life with the army.

We are so proud of him and look forward to his passing in parade in 6 weeks where they do a drill display and receive there cap badges for which part of the army they want to join.

Arriving home the house seems very quiet with the both of them missing,but life goes on and we look forward to seeing William in 6 weeks.



Thank you for all your kind words, are whole family appreciated it and even though ludo is very low at the moment we hope that over time he will bounce back to his normally cheeky dudey self.It has been a difficult weekend as we have been busy away in England while Ludo has been at home with our daughter which was a trip we could not put off.Things will hopefully settle down a bit now we can get back in to a routine.

Thank you again.

Caz and Ludo.

Friday, 4 January 2008

We say goodbye to bramble

I have lit a lot of candles lately to show the way for all the loving friends we know who have passed on.
Well today is the day when we are lighting the way for a good companion and a good friend too Ludo our Bramble.
Bramble has been ill for a while and today we took him to the vets to find his lungs were to bad to help him recover, no medication would help him and it would be kinder to save him now from any more pain.

After all the things Bramble had given us love, fun and laughter over the past 13 years it was time for us to give him something back.This was peace and no more pain. We knew that this was the right and a unselfish thing to do.
We are sad, but we feel happy to send him on his way that he truely
We will miss him but we know someone that will miss him more than word can say ludo.

Thank you to my good friend Kaz and Hils that have supporeted me today.

I just like to remember how my 2 beautiful boys were and it makes me feel so happy I had all those years with such a good patient teacher and friend.