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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Horses and Dreams

Yesterday we went out for the day to a big horse shoe called horses and dreams, this is the web site if you would like to have a look.
The theme of the show was America so there was lots of quarter horses, cow boys and Indians, Monty Roberts (The Horse Whisperer and even cheer leaders which Chris and William showed a lot of interest in .
There was a lot of show jumping and dressage. We took quite a few photo's but we did not want to bore you with lots of horses so I chose the ones I liked.

There were lots of different stalls I found the dog treat stall.

There was loads of treats but I was not sure which one to try.

The lady tried to enticed me to eat her treats of her stall but i did not like any I kept spitting them out. The Liver one was disgusting.

We posed by a Indian think it was plastic.

We watched a bit of line dancing.

Some cowboys

Crikey whats this ??????

Just sussing out the hairy stuffed wort hog.

In costume outside the salon.

horses and carriages waiting to go on to do their display.

A cowboy riding a quarter horse.

William and Chris enjoying a beer.

Come on lads I'm tired less drinking and take me home.

Ludo the cool dude.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Scarey photo's

Chris said I'm always posting pics of the family and it was time for my turn.
These pic's were sent to me from Robin hood who I'm dancing with. I have not seen him for many years but found him on the web site Face book.
He sent me these photo's of a army mess function obviously in fancy dress.
I went as Wilma Flintstones as Chris was Fred and our friends went as Barney and Betty
This was in the 90's when perms were all the rage.


Am I singing or laughing

Look at the perm

Williams home yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yes Williams home for leave so the house is quite busy here with Emma and her boyfriend all together, I'm sure caz will be glad to move to there bigger house with loads more space.
Its great having Wills home and I thought I would post some new pic's of him.

This is in North Yorkshire hill walking doing his leadership and intuitive training

Look how untidy his bed space is, I wonder if he got in trouble????
I did think he was in army training hahahahahahahah

Good buddies

Ludo the cool dude

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Here comes the warm weather

It was really sunny this morning and warm it was a great start to the day and made me feel glad to be alive.

It was such a beautiful morning

I'm in there somewhere

I'm alive and flying.

Found some yummy pooh Caz was not pleased

Ofcourse I had to play with it and chuck it about.

Ludo the cool dude

Look what I've been bought.

Look what I've got a brand new car it's a Mitsubishi Outlander.How kind of Caz and chris to buy me this I do look like a cool dude now.

Its such a smooth ride

This is my new boot look at all the space I have enough room to swing a cat (sorry cat lovers)

Ludo the cool dude

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Early morning walk in the woods

This morning the weather was a bit drab but it we still had a great walk.

Come on caz up here.

Here I go some thing smells good up here.

Can you see me between the wood.

Oh well back to the car.

Ludo the cool dude

Monday, 14 April 2008

Lilly and Indie

This afternoon after Lilly had been lunged it was play time with her friends and toys in the paddock. We thought you would like to see some pic's.

This green barrel has treats in which fall out of the hole as lilly rolls it. They had fun with this.

Lilly and Indie

A traffic cone how interesting.

Look Lilly can pick it up in her mouth.

Ludo the cool dude.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Wedding Anniversay

Today was Caz and Chris's wedding Anniversary 23 years. Chris took Caz out for Frühstück (breakfast) they ate and ate until they nearly burst its a buffet with everything you could possibly think of to eat for breakfast.
They had some beautiful flowers from Emma and her boyfriend.
I had to check them out.

I saw the flowers and just had to have a good sniff.

These smell great had to get up for a closer sniff

Then of course I had to sit and pose like usual

Ludo the cool dude

Our new house

We are very busy at the mo and that is why we are neglecting our blog a bit.As I said we are moving house and last week we went to have a look at the outside of the new house we are going to in muenster. So we took some photo's of the outside and thought you might like to have a look. We did not take any photo's of inside, but hey what do you think of the huge garden, I'm sure Lilly could live in the garden too hahahahahahahahahhahahahahah.

I hope to try and keep up with the blogging but Caz is busy packing and sorting out the move but I'm sure she can find a mo to plug the laptop in for me.

Ludo the cool dude.