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Sunday, 30 September 2007

How long is your Tail

As you can see from my photo's I have a Long tail, its now 13 inch's long. How long is your tail, perhaps you can tag someone and get them to measure there tail.Let me know how long your tail is.


A Special Award for Molly and Gertie

I'm sending you this special award to Molly and Gertie as their blog is fantastic. Of course Katy has done all the work but it would not happen if the two beautiful girls were not in all the photo's.Well done Molly and Gertie.

Love Caz and Ludo

The Car game

We have been tagged as well by Mindy and Alf.
I look at myself as a Rolls-Royce Phantom. I'm elegant, sophisticated,intelligent and smooth.
Like the Phantom everyone stops in there tracks to watch me as I trot by, no one can resist my charm and elegance. Like the Phantom which is the King of ,us Airedales are Called The King of Terriers so I chose this car because its so like me.

Thanks Mindy and Alf for tagging me.


Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Hols was great

Well we all had a a nice holiday and I think Ludo had the best time of all and was treated like his breedhe is a KING of the Terriers. It was special treatment all round at the dog friendly B@B . Infact he was escorted to our room, and once in side he was given a letter from the 2 resident dogs Bertie and Bessie welcoming him to the guest house and a full welcome pack with loads of helpfull imformation. There was places that are dog friendly to eat at,vets,dog groomers,walking area's,dog sitters,pet shops and lots of flyers for pet foods . In the room there was dog bowl's and treats.There was even a towel for him if he went to the beach.
In the mornings he could even come with us for brekkie, he laid down and know one even knew he was there.
Unfortunately the camara had run out of batteries so no pic's of visit. Tomorrow will write some more of the visit.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Going to England

On Friday we are off to England. Its going to be a long drive. We are driving form Osnabruck to Calais and then taking the ferry over to Dover. Ludo will stay in the car on the ferry as it is only a hour and a half.This is the first time I've been on this crossing, we normally go from Amsterdame to Newcastle, this is a long crossing over night and Ludo sleeps in a crate on the car deck. This does not seem to bother him and he sleeps the whole time, normally there are other dogs as well so he is not alone.
We are going to a party at my hubby's parents house it's meant to be a big surprise.They live on Portland in Dorset. We are staying in some dog friendly bed and breakfasts which we found on the internet,they list all the dog friendly B@B on this site K9 dog site. Ludo will be allowed to stay in our room and also come down to breakfast with us. If the places are good I will put them on my blog, you never know you might be in this area and need to use one.
We will only be in England for 5 days but have quite a lot to do while we are there.
Bramble the GSP will be staying with my daughter, he will look after her and keep her out of trouble.
So I won't be around for a few days so will update blog when I get back and tell you all about the trip.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Thank you thuglets.

Thank you so much for my award you gave me yesterday, it made me and Caz very special. This mean the Thuglets and Molly and Taffy all have special awards.
Caz said she would like to say thanks to especially to some one called VVBB.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Finaly she finished stripping me.

Today Caz finaly finished stripping me.

This time she took for ever. Caz tends to strip me in 1 hour sessions. Yes you say thats good for you ludo it stops you from getting to bored,But how would you like to walk round looking like your waring a bally toto all my hair stripped to my waste and a thick skirt of hair. You may laugh but being a bloke you don't half get pointed and laughed at by other dogs out walking.The finishing touch's were done plucked eyebrows and trimmed up feet and I must admit "God I look good"hahahahahahahahahaha.

So I thought I would get Caz to take a pic so you can see I'm a stunner