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playing in the garden

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Thuglets

Teddy looking cute
In the kitchen eatting

ludo laying down

Webster and holly

Ludo and Holly


HI My name is Ludo, Im the cool dude with the sun glasses on. I've got some good friends that I have visited in England twice. There names are The Thuglets. Ellie is the oldest,then Webster,Dorcus, Holly, Cora and not forgetting Teddy(the Rocketman).I enjoyed playing with them in there garden. They have a agility course which I had a go on it was brill. I stayed out late in the garden, While Caz,Chris and William enjoyed great food and wine in the Kitchen with Kaz and Alan who look after the thuglets.We had a great time at there house and we were sad when we had to leave. These are a few pics of my friends the thuglets.

1 comment:

The Thuglets said...

Ludo your photos of your friends The Thuglets and you are great!
But we would say that wouldn't we LOL
We did have a great time the 7 of us though.
The Thuglets