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Sunday, 7 October 2007

Lilly is not well

This morning I went up the yard as usual and Lilly was not herself, very quiet and had not eaten her hay, straight away I knew she was not right. I first thought it could have been the worming med I had given her the day before,which may be just unsettling her tummy.I finished mucking out and put her back in the stable she was not at this point laying down and rolling so I was not to concerned. I spoke to Chris and said I was sure she was not her self and we let a friend at the end of our stable block know how I felt and asked her to keep an eye on her. I was only home 2o Min's before I got a call saying Lilly was going down rolling and getting up and going back down again. So we went straight back down the stables where the girls had taken Lilly out of her stable and was keeping her moving around the yard. We immediately rang the vet and kept her walking until the vet arrived. The vet fully examined Lilly and found the large intestine and her colon was distended and had moved so she gave her a pain killing injection and one to reduce the gas in her colon. The vet was worried that the colon might twist .Lilly who hates injections was really good and the vet was excellent very patient and seemed very confident, the last vet was hopeless and made Lilly so frightened the whole injection was one big drama.Anyway we then had to observe Lilly . We removed her bed and hay from her stable as the injection has immediate effect and makes her feel a lot better so we did not want her to eat anything, as this just makes colic worse.At 5 o'clock we rang the vet and told her that she was not rolling anymore.So we could put a small amount of straw in her box no hay and then keep a eye on her every 2 hours, so tonight we will be going back and forth to the stables to check that she has not had a relapse, as they can easily drop back and start all over again. I'm confident that tomorrow she will be on the mend.



The Thuglets said...

Caz - we are sending lots & lots of positive thoughts and get well wishes for Lily. We know how worried you will have been - what a scarey day for you. Keep your chin up and stay positive!

love & hugs

from ALL at Basecamp Thugletxx

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey Caz, we hope Lily is alright. What a worrying time for you all. Is this common in horses?
I hope she is on the mend. Let us know how she gets on. Thank goodness you found a good vet.
Take care.

Denise and the dales

Molly the Airedale said...

This is so scary! Our paws are crossed that Lily will be okay!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Headgirl said...

Was horified to read that Lilly had colic - glad you caught it in time. Hope she's showing signs of real improvement today - will check back later.