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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Birthday Boy

Today was Chris's birthday. He had to go to work as usual I tried to make a effort to get up with him at 6.30 and make a birthday cup of tea but accidentally on purpose fell back to sleep.
I managed to open a eye to give him his card and pressies and then off he went to work and I rolled over for a half hour kip before I had to get up to put lilly in the field and Muck her out,then take Ludo for a walk.
When I got back from the stables I clean up around the house and got a flask ready to take back to the yard, where the farrier was doing all the horses feet.He had 8 horses to do today, so I thought a nice flask of coffee would keep him going and he was going to trim Lillie's feet too. Always good to keep the farrier sweet. After dropping lunch off to William, he was working in the NAAFI shop all day, I made my way back home to do Chris's lunch.
This afternoon I decided to bake a birthday cake, which started off ok, got the mixer out of the cupboard and dusted the cobwebs off, don't think that's been out of the cupboard for a year. Then found the only thing I had to bake the cake was flour. I bribed Emma to go to the shops for some caster sugar and marg. When the rest of the ingredients had arrived I made two cakes which I wedged together with some jam. I had to glue it together as I had a accident when getting it out of the tin, it split in half and then a big chunk amazing managed to somehow go in my mouth,hahahahahahahah Tasty. So I filled the whole in with Jam and no one knows any different. Here is a photo of the Birthday cake.

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